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Benefits of Buying a Fully Furnished Apartment in Thrissur


Thrissur is a peaceful city sprawling around a green hillock with the huge Swaraj roundabout at its center. Also known as the cultural center of the southern state of Kerala, Thrissur is well-endowed with educational institutions, hospitals, malls, holy shrines, etc., and is developing at a rapid rate. The colorful Thrissur pooram, is one of the biggest draws of this city and attracts lakhs of tourists every year – both domestic and international.

Thrissur is also home to the head offices of numerous banks and Chit Fund companies, as well as jewelry and silk showrooms. With numerous career hubs also springing up here, Thrissur is on the fast track to development, and this is the perfect time to invest in apartments in Thrissur. And for those who don’t have the time or inclination to furnish their homes, you now have the option to choose from semi-furnished and fully-furnished homes too! While semi-furnished could include details like a sofa set, dining set, bedframes, cupboards, standard lighting fixtures and a couple of major kitchen appliances, etc., fully-furnished homes include the above along with everything else that makes four walls into a home! Here’s a look at some of the benefits of buying fully-furnished apartments in Thrissur:

Moving Home

The cumbersome and time-consuming job of moving your furniture and large appliances like fridge and ACs is no longer necessary when you are buying a fully-furnished apartment. Everything is already available, all you need do is move in with your personal effects!

Interior Décor

Its indeed a luxury to have the interiors of your home decorated by a professional interior designer, instead of you taking time off in the weekends to go shopping for your new home. With a fully-furnished home, all you need do is kick off your shoes and relax in the luxury of a professionally decorated home!


It takes a lot of time and resources to go out and buy all the necessary matching furnishing for your new home. Aside from this, it does get a tad tiresome spending all free time on shopping, after the initial euphoria of buying a new home wears off. Furnishing your home by yourself also turns out to be more expensive when compared to buying a fully-furnished apartment. Professional decorators get better discounts with business houses than individual buyers, so it’s much easier to leave it the professionals to furnish your home!


And the best part is that there is no cumbersome packing and unpacking to be done when you buy a fully-furnished apartment in Thrissur. No straining of backs as you push and pull heavy appliances and furniture around either. Everything is already in place and all you need do is empty your suitcases into the cupboards and dressers!

Get Cooking

The kitchen also comes fully-loaded with all the important appliances and devices on ground, so you won’t need to depend on restaurant food, right from the first day! All you need do is unpack your familiar cookware and fill your new home with the aroma of good food! Moving home couldn’t get easier than this!

For those not in the know, Sowparnika Homes offers fully-furnished apartments at their delightful project Sowparnika Natura. Located at Puranattukara in Thrissur, you can enjoy luxury living in homes where all the hard work of moving home is already done for. All you need do is move into these 2 & 3 BHK apartments that also come fully-loaded with a plethora of lifestyle amenities.

For those on the lookout for fully-furnished apartments, Sowparnika Natura is the right answer!