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Common Traps While Purchasing Budget apartments in Trivandrum

Common Traps While Purchasing Budget apartments in Trivandrum


Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for everyone to buy a home these days. Builders with advanced technical knowhow are capable of constructing budget-friendly apartments that come with a plethora of luxurious amenities considered a necessity by modern homebuyers. Though these homes fall in the budget apartment bracket, they are built responsibly with quality construction materials and attractive designs. And just like any other home, you do need to be vigilant when you buy a budget apartment in Trivandrum too. Since it is a capital-intensive venture, you will need to be careful you don’t fall into a trap.

Here are some tips to guide you:


The first step towards buying a home is deciding how much home you can afford to buy. This includes your down-payment as well as the monthly EMIs. Your home loan EMI should fit in along with your monthly household expenses as well as a little money set aside every month for emergencies. Careful budgeting can prevent financial woes down the line.


Narrow down your apartment search to a good, upcoming location with a safe neighborhood. Ensure there are no sources of noise or air pollution nearby. The locality should have good road network connectivity as well as easily accessible social infrastructure like schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, etc.

Reputed Builder

When buying your dream home, half your worries are over if you buy your home from a reputed builder who has been in the market for some time and has other projects on ground to compare with. Go for projects that have RERA registration.

Carpet Area

The carpet area refers to the net available space within the exterior walls of your apartment. Do ensure that you are only being billed for the carpet area, and not the built-up or super built-up areas of the project. Check if the rate per square feet is similar to other projects within the same locality too.

Size Matters

Another important feature to look into for those who want to buy budget flats in Trivandrum is its size. Its important you think in terms of space needed presently as well as in the years to come, as the kids grow up. Aside from the BHK, you also need to think of the layout of the home and whether it suits your lifestyle.


Another crucial feature to factor in is the paperwork; ensure that all the necessary permits and certificates relating to the property have been legally secured. The land records including the title deed, tax receipts, etc., ensure that the property belongs to the builder and is aboveboard. A RERA registration is a necessity and highly important too.

Transparent Transactions

When you buy a budget apartment in Trivandrum, do ensure that you read all the terms and conditions of the builder-buyer agreement papers carefully. Read the sections relating to payments and penalties applicable to both the buyer and the builder in case of a default. If possible, have a property lawyer go through the agreement papers. If you are buying into a project by big brand builders, you can be sure of transparent transaction experiences, as the builder’s reputation is at stake too.

Since buying a home is usually a once in a lifetime purchase, go with highly-reputed builders like Sowparnika in Trivandrum. Well-known for budget and luxury apartments in key locations of the city, each project is meticulously designed and executed with quality materials and outstanding facilities and amenities. And we have apartments for every family size too.

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