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Guidelines for Verifying Real Estate Documents Without a Lawyer’s Assistance

Guidelines for Verifying Real Estate Documents Without a Lawyer’s Assistance


When buying a home, there is a lot of paperwork involved and you need to ensure that everything is clear and above board to avoid any property disputes later on. While its always easier to hire the services of a property lawyer and leave it to them to clarify the authenticity of the documents, did you know that you too can get the job done by yourself with a little guidance.

Here is a look at some key points when going through the documents yourself:

Verify the Seller

When buying an apartment, you will need to check if the builder is the same as the owner of the plot on which the project is being built. You can confirm this by going through the titleship documents. As a potential buyer, you have the right to demand for the documents of all the parties involved in the sale. You will need to check which bank or NBFC is financing the project and if they are a sound organization. You will also need to confirm the authenticity of the real estate agent – in case there is one involved.

Verify the documents

This is one of the most crucial steps involved. There are numerous documents involved in the construction of a housing project. Some of the certifications and permits involved include building permits from the local cooperation office, survey reports, design approvals, soil structure certification, approval of constructed building (whether it’s in line with the approved design), the all-important occupancy certificate (whether it’s fit for human habitation), etc. As a homebuyer, you have the right to demand for duplicate copies of all the documents along with an original of the occupancy certificate. Examine the documents carefully to ensure there is no tampering, alterations or erasures of information.

Check for Encumbrances

Another very important factor to look into is whether there is any lien or encumbrance attached to the property or plot on which the building stands. This basically refers to any loan taken against the property. You can easily find out by carefully examining the property document or by contacting the local registry office for their land records. Any encumbrances attached to the property will easily be visible here. As a homebuyer, there are no restrictions to your enquiring at the registry office. Finding out about liens and encumbrances will ensure there are no legal ownership hassles in the future.

Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’

Its essential that you read through the minute terms and conditions outlined in the agreement document. You need to go through it in great detail to ensure that it is fair and reasonable to both the buyer and seller. This document clearly mentions the selling price, payment schedule as well as the handover date. It will also outline the penalties applicable if the buyer regresses on the payment schedule as well as penalties applicable if the buyer doesn’t deliver the project on the date agreed upon.

If you aren’t confident of your ability to verify the documents, don’t hesitate to take the help of a property lawyer. Afterall, buying a home is one of the biggest investments of your life, and you would want it to be transacted smoothly.

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