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How to Buy a Budget-Friendly Apartment or Flat in Trivandrum

How to Buy a Budget-Friendly Apartment or Flat in Trivandrum


Having a home, a roof to call one’s own is something everyone aspires for. However, this remains a distant dream for many, as inflation and rising costs of living puncture a hole in the dream of countless potential homebuyers.

To counter this problem, some smart builders in Trivandrum have come up with innovative solutions and offer quality budget-friendly homes to help the middle-class population attain their dream of becoming a homeowner. While these affordable apartments in Trivandrum are the ideal solution for the burgeoning middle-class population, you should be informed that budget-friendly apartments are not in any way low in quality or standards.

For those not in the know, Trivandrum has been adjudged to be the best city to live in among the top tier cities in Kerala. This is because of the easy availability of excellent infrastructure and rapid growth and development in the city. The upcoming Vizhinjam port as well as the soon-to-be largest IT hub in the country – the Technopark, are some of the features driving growth and expansion in the city. It is fueling the need for more homes, and some of the best builders in Trivandrum are already in the fray.

Budget apartments are in great demand as they not only make great homes, but also make great options as rentals. They come in ideal BHK units to suit modern family sizes as well as are easy on maintenance. However, do note that these affordable apartments in Trivandrum aren’t lacking in any way when it comes to luxurious amenities and facilities. Instead, these affordable apartments come with innovative tricks to keep the construction costs down, without compromising on the quality in any way. Here’s a look at some of these tricks:

Smarter designing

Builders of budget-friendly flats in Trivandrum understand the importance of keeping construction costs down while providing quality homes. This is why affordable projects forego the creation of unnecessary corners, curves and niches which are labor and material intensive – and instead opt for simple designs and straight walls to keep construction costs down.


As can be expected, plots in the city center are more expensive and are partly responsible for the high prices of luxury apartments. Smart builders tend to buy substantially cheaper plots just a few minutes’ drive away from the city center and ensure that the costs of their apartment projects fall into the affordable range.

Interior designing

Its surprising how innovative home designing can result in the space looking larger and airier than it actually is. It all has to do with the right play of light and colors. The use of light pastel colors and well-lit areas with loads of natural lighting actually end up opening up a space and make it appear larger.

Simplified living

Builders of affordable flats in Trivandrum are focused on building equity for the homebuyer, and a well-constructed apartment with all the necessary amenities into the bargain too. There is no question of any substandard quality of construction as it could result in loss of reputation/credibility of the builder.

Instead, homebuyers of budget-friendly apartments in Trivandrum end up with fatter savings accounts and a well-constructed apartment to boot! The much-awarded Sowparnika builders have a number of budget-friendly apartment projects located in key areas of Trivandrum. These include Sreekaryam, Ulloor, Technopark area, Mukkolakkal, Pappanamcode, etc.

Sowparnika builders offer quality homes in both budget and luxury sectors, meticulously following transparency in every transaction – and with over 7,500+ happy smiles to back us, we have many reasons to be happy at Sowparnika homes!

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