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How to Select the Best Builders in Trivandrum Before Purchasing an Apartment

How to Select the Best Builders in Trivandrum Before Purchasing an Apartment


Buying a new home isn’t like going grocery shopping. A lot of in-depth planning, budgeting and research goes into it even before you step out of the house! Since it’s a capital-intensive venture that’s supposed to last you a lifetime, you will need to look into a number of important factors that are relevant for those planning to buy an apartment in Trivandrum.

Some of these factors include having a budget, having the down-payment amount ready, deciding on a bank for the best home loan, etc. Once these are decided, you then need to figure out how much space you need to buy, the BHK configuration, the type of amenities essential to your lifestyle, etc. Then there is the location to keep in mind too. Your dream home should be in a well-connected locality that can be easily accessed from your workplace, kid’s schools, as well as other important places. The neighborhood should be safe too, with low crime rates and minimal air or noise pollution.

Aside from all these factors, you have to look for the best builder in Trivandrum too. After all, the structure of your home is crucial also. Here are some tips to help you zero in on the right builder:


The adage that wisdom comes with experience is applicable when it comes to choosing your builder too. The more years of experience under the belt, the more knowledge the builder’s team will have on matters relating to the latest building techniques, the best quality materials and where to source them as well as greater finesse in executing the project.


Deciding on a builder can get dicey as there are so many factors to be considered when choosing a home. Instead of running helter-skelter from one site to another, try doing some online research first. Search for the best builders in Trivandrum and their projects available in your location of choice. This way, you can substantially cut down on your physical search. Take the opinions of friends and family too.

Materials & Quality

Big brand builders have their reputation to keep and will always ensure the best quality material is used in their projects, along with quality construction practices. Your home has to last you a lifetime and if the builder has constructed your home well, there should be no major repairs necessary within the first decade of its life. Check the construction process of your builder’s other projects to see the quality of materials being used.

Reviews of your Builder

Go online and check for reviews of the builder whose project you are considering buying into. If there are more positive reviews, then you should feel confident about buying your apartment. Alternatively, you could visit previously completed projects by the same builder and talk to the homeowners about their experiences. This should give you a clear idea about your builder’s work.


Since a huge sum is involved when buying a home, it’s imperative that your chosen builder practices complete transparency in the transaction process. The builder should be able to provide you with copies of all relevant certificates and permits required for construction as well as a breakdown of the materials used, their bankers, a comprehensive breakdown of the payment schedule and a clear timeline for handover.

Builders like Sowparnika have been in the business of constructing quality residences for two decades now and have premium apartment projects located in key areas of Trivandrum. And with 7,500 happy customers behind us, you should feel confident to take a look at these delightful apartments too!