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What Distinguishes Trivandrum from Other Cities of Kerala

What Distinguishes Trivandrum from Other Cities of Kerala?


Kerala, the southern coastal state of India is also known as ‘god’s own country’ for a reason; its rich endowment with uncountable beaches along its 580km-long coastline along with the verdant beauty of the Western Ghats, meandering rivers, waterfalls and backwaters make it a delight to live in. Kerala is bounded along the western side by the Arabian Sea and on the eastern side by the dense and mysterious Western Ghats teeming with a myriad of flora and fauna.

Over the course of history, Kerala has been a melting of different civilizations and cultures – both foreign and indigenous, adding to its rich heritage. Add to that the awe-inspiring beauty of its geographical features and the charm of ancient monuments leftover from the days of the Maharajas – and you end up with an irresistible mix of man and nature at their very best! Along with a highly literate population, high health scores, excellent educational system and ample job opportunities, you couldn’t find a better place to settle down in than this magnificent southern state of India.

And when it comes to choosing which city to settle down in, you couldn’t do better than choosing to buy an apartment in Trivandrum, the capital city. The other major cities are already overcrowded with limited space to expand.


The capital city Trivandrum is unlike any other capital city, in that it is still growing both vertically and horizontally. The end-result is that Trivandrum isn’t congested like other cities in Kerala, traffic snarls are rare and far in-between and there is plenty of greenery all around. Trivandrum has a rich lineage of being the capital city since 1795 when it was the capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. For those wanting to invest in a home, buying a luxury apartment in Trivandrum is the best option. Here’s a more detailed look at what makes Trivandrum stand apart from other cities:


With so many centuries of having been a state capital, it’s to be expected that Trivandrum will stand out when it comes to basic infrastructure like network of good roads and basic utilities like smoothly available electricity and water. Aside from an excellent intra-city transport service, Trivandrum also has 3 railway stations and an international airport. A huge port is also coming up in Vizhinjam that will further add to the city’s development and expansion.


This government-owned IT hub opened its doors in 1990 and is currently home to 450 national and international companies, employing over 70,000 professionals and around 2,00,000 support staff. Technopark is currently on an expansion mode and will become the country’s largest IT hub when completed, offering ample job opportunities to people from all over the country and abroad. This IT hub has also spurred the demand for more homes, and the best builders in Trivandrum are in full swing with projects in all key parts of the city.

Cosmopolitan culture

The insurgent population working at Technopark has led to an influx of a number of multinational food chains and other outlets. It has also ignited the demand for world-class malls, the dining-out culture as well as a young population with money to burn. With the locals understanding English, Hindi and Malayalam languages, it’s easy for people to integrate and feel at home in Trivandrum.

Law and order

As compared to other cities, Trivandrum has an excellent policing system, more so for women with the special she-police squads; women also feel safer here with the special she-taxis and she-autos available. The city has a comparatively lower crime rate too, making it a great place to settle down in.

Cost of Living

When compared with other cities in Kerala, Trivandrum fares much better in cost of living, home renting and real estate. As the city is still growing, there is enough space for expansion, thus keeping property costs under control.


As Trivandrum isn’t congested and there are fewer traffic snarls and smoke-emitting industries, you will find that the air quality is much better when compared to other cities in Kerala.

Weekend getaways

Though most cities in Kerala come with beautiful weekend destinations, Trivandrum has been blessed with more than its share! Aside from the cool Ponmudi and Agastyamala hills forming the tail-end of the Western Ghats, you will also find magnificent beaches including the Kovalam and Varkala beaches, ancient monuments, parks, lakes, backwaters, etc., to keep your family entertained.

For those of you planning on buying a luxury flat in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better choice! With almost two decades of building experience behind them, the much-awarded Sowparnika builders have a number of delightful projects in key parts of this city. These meticulously-designed projects are suitable for all pocket sizes and can be found in Pappanamcode, Mukkola, Thycaud, Kulathoor, Akkulam, Ulloor, Sreekaryam, Technopark area, Kazhakoottam, etc.

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