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Which is a Better Living Choice: A Villa or an Apartment?

Which is a Better Living Choice: A Villa or an Apartment?


Buying a home is usually a one-time investment for most people, and since a large sum is involved, you want to make sure you get it right! Though there are various types of homes available in the market, ranging from apartments, villas, villaments, duplexes, stand-alone homes, etc., its apartments and villas that garner the most interest from homebuyers in Trivandrum.

Though both types of homes have their own pros and cons, it does need to be mentioned that it is apartments that are more popular. While everyone dreams of buying a luxurious independent villa home of their own one day, along with space for a garden to putter around in, it’s the multi-unit vertical homes that are in greater demand. And there are a number of reasons why people prefer to buy apartments in Trivandrum, rather than villas. Here is a detailed look at why this is so:


Buying a home is a money-intensive venture and villas cost substantially more than apartments. Aside from this, villas also cost more when it comes to maintenance, as the owner is solely responsible for maintaining the villa and its grounds. With apartment living, the first good news is that they are more reasonably priced. Even a luxurious 3 or 4BHK would cost less than a villa! Aside from this, all facilities and maintenance are taken care of resident ‘s welfare association, leaving apartment owners free to focus on the bigger things in life.


Aside from the cost, you will find that apartments are more conveniently located close to the city center, with all important things nearby. With land being expensive in the city area, villas, which require a lot more space, are located in the suburban areas or outskirts of the city. For rapidly expanding cities like Trivandrum, the location doesn’t matter that much as most peripheral areas are being pulled into the city’s folds year-on-year.


With the modern nuclear family structure being on the smaller side, more contained set-ups like apartments are witnessing greater preference. When compared with villas, its also easier to sell off an apartment, as there is a greater demand for affordable apartments in Trivandrum. Even when it comes to rentals, there are more takers for apartments than villas. So all-in-all, apartments offer better returns on investment as they are always in demand!


There is greater security in community living as everyone knows one another. In this way, apartments offer a more secure form of living, with neighbors always being nearby. A plethora of shared amenities in apartments also ensures that everyone knows one another and it’s easy to pick out strangers. Though villas also come within gated residential projects, neighbors are further away.


It goes without saying that villas win hands down when it comes to customization and privacy. You can make whatever changes you want to the structure of a villa home, but the same isn’t possible with an apartment. Since only the interior décor can be customized in apartments, homebuyers should ensure they only buy budget-friendly apartments in Trivandrum that offer exactly what they want.

And for those homebuyers facing a dilemma in choosing between villas and apartments, check out the numerous delightful apartment projects by Sowparnika in Trivandrum. Located in prime areas with excellent connectivity to key parts of the city, every Sowparnika home is built responsibly, giving importance to the quality of structure, materials used and perfect architecture.

With almost two decades of building meticulously-designed residential homes and 7,500+ happy owners behind us, we leave no stones unturned in offering you the best living experiences in Trivandrum!

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