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Why is This the Perfect Time to Invest in Real Estate in Trivandrum?

Why is This the Perfect Time to Invest in Real Estate in Trivandrum?


Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, Trivandrum is the verdant capital city of Kerala and has a history of being a capital since 1795 when it was the capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. Famous for its numerous outstanding tourist destinations, nature hotspots and rich cultural heritage, Trivandrum city is still in its growth phase, with its real estate market expanding both vertically and horizontally, pulling in more peripheral areas into its folds, year-on-year.

The demand for new homes has been steadily on the rise, with luxury apartments in Trivandrum leading the way forward. The consistent growth in the economy and infrastructure is a magnet for homebuyers to come invest in this green, serene and peaceful city. The best builders in Trivandrum have accordingly come up with a variety of homes ranging from budget to ultra-luxury flats to adjust to the varying pocket sizes.

Trivandrum has also been adjudged to be the best city to live in among the five major cities in Kerala. Not only that, Trivandrum has also been a topper among 21 Indian cities when it comes to 115 ease of living parameters; the study was conducted by the Annual Survey of India’s City Systems Organization. All this is based on the excellent infrastructure available on ground. There is a stable supply of utilities such as water and electricity, excellent road network, public transport system, low crime rates, etc.

Hence, investing in real estate in Trivandrum is considered to be a solid option, providing assured gains in the future. Aside from that, its always better to invest in tangible property that you can leverage to maximize revenues. And with the subdued property prices, low loan interest rates, availability of high inventory, 2022 is a buyer’s market and the best time to invest in real estate in Trivandrum. Here’s a look at why you too should think of investing in a luxury flat in Trivandrum today:


Following the completion of Phase III and IV of Technopark expansion, Technopark is touted to become the largest IT hub in India. It houses around 450 national and international companies and employs 70,000+ professionals directly and 2 lakh people indirectly. These numbers are expected to rise exponentially and along with it, a burgeoning need for new homes for these professionals.

Upcoming Developments

The upcoming Vizhinjam port and light monorail is expected to boost economic activities in the city further and become gamechangers in the real estate industry too. A significant growth of the city’s physical perimeters is also predicted as more people move into the city in search of work. This is the best time to buy homes before the numbers go up.

Social Infrastructure

Career opportunities in Trivandrum aren’t the only reason why people buy apartments in Trivandrum as it offers excellent social infrastructure too. The city is well-known for its premier educational institutions, some of which were put up by the Maharajas of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore. Aside from this, Trivandrum offers outstanding super-specialty medical facilities and hosts a robust medical tourism industry too. The advent of a cosmopolitan workforce in the burgeoning Technopark has meant a retail boost for the inhabitants and the entry of multi-national fast-food chains into the city. A number of high-end malls have also successfully joined the foray into the entertainment sector.

Career Opportunities

With a number of multi-national giant companies joining the government-owned Technopark, there is no end to the amount of direct and indirect job opportunities available in Trivandrum. This translates directly to the need for more homes to house this increasingly rich young population of workers. Builders in Trivandrum aren’t far behind in fulfilling this burgeoning need. This is the best time for you to look into buying a home of your own at the earliest too!

Tourism Hotspot

Trivandrum is truly nature’s paradise, being home to verdant hills and valleys, lakes and rivers, the tail-end of the Western Ghats featuring Ponmudi and Agastyamala, the numerous magnificent beaches, backwaters and so much more. It’s also where you will find the world’s richest temple, the Padmanabhaswamy temple and various other ancient monuments that will charm you!

For those interested in buying luxury apartments in Trivandrum, this is the best time to invest owing to rapid market shifts. Reliable and much-awarded builders like Sowparnika homes provide aesthetic and meticulously-crafted homes with world-class amenities in key locations across the city – including Kazhakoottam, Sreekaryam, Technopark area, Akkulam, Ulloor, Kulathoor, Mukkola, Thycaud, Pappanamcode, etc., offering you numerous options!

At Sowparnika, we believe in providing quality homes in both the budget and luxury sections, and following rigorous transparency in all our transactions. Add to this the satisfied smiles of 7,500+ happy customers, and we are a delighted lot at Sowparnika homes!

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